Sinus surgeries are a cornerstone of a good ENT doctor. Working with patients who have allergy or sinus issues allows Dr. Lenkowski to focus on his expertise with in office sinus procedures. Whether you have one of these coming up or would simply like to know more about the different types of sinus surgeries, Roanoke Valley ENT & Allergy shares some information about sinus procedures and what they entail. 

Why Sinus Surgery?Sinus surgeries

In most cases, sinus surgeries are undertaken to help patients with frequent sinus infections (sinusitis), misshapen sinuses, or growths (polyps, tumors, etc.) within the sinus cavities. Surgery is typically a last resort in these situations as they can frequently be treated with things like medication. If these other strategies don’t work out, though, sinus surgery is often chosen given the high rate of success and small amount of recovery needed after the fact.

What Happens in Surgery?

During sinus surgery, a surgeon is tasked with removing the structures from the sinus that are harmful or irritating to the patient. This can include mucus membranes, swollen tissue, polyps, tumors, or small bits of bone. There are different methods for doing this, most of which can be performed in-office, with minimal disruption to the patient’s life and schedule. For problems that involve large growths that impede drainage, however, surgery may have to be performed in a surgical center or operating arena. Dr. Lenkowski is an expert with in-office surgical techniques that allow his patients to return home the same day of the procedures. 

What are the Results?

Regardless of which procedure is needed, sinus surgery tends to have a fairly short recovery time and little scarring. After recovery, patients will hopefully be able to breathe much easier from the improved airflow and sinus drainage without the blockage or irritation that used to be inside them getting in the way. This helps to reduce congestion and fluid buildup within the ears, nose, and throat and generally leads to a better quality of life, especially in allergy season.

If sinus issues are affecting your life, schedule an appointment with Dr. Lenkowski and find out if a sinus procedure can help! We can’t wait to help you breathe better!