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Do you or one of your family members suffer from seasonal allergies? Allergies can cause chronic rhinitis and sinusitis. If left untreated, chronic inflammation in the nasal passages can make you feel stuffy and tired all the time. Allergy sufferers can experience a wide range of symptoms with seasonal allergies, including itchy watery eyes, sneezing, congestion, runny nose and postnasal drip. Sometimes patients will seek over-the-counter medications to help combat some of the symptoms. Antihistamines, decongestants and nasal spray can be effective for some patients. For patients with more moderate to severe allergy symptoms, ROVA ENT & ALLERGY offers immunotherapy.

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A allergy center in Roanoke, VA offers treatment for patients with severe allergy symptoms


Medications can greatly improve or even eliminate allergy symptoms.  Too many think, “It’s just allergies.” While soldiering through, they end up with more serious problems, such as ear or sinus infections.

Typically these medicines will involve antihistamines, decongestants, corticosteroids, ointments, and in some cases, Epinephrine, for life-threatening anaphylaxis reactions.

A allergy center at ROVA ENT and treatment in Roanoke Valley, VA


In some cases, we might recommend Immunotherapy. This will include the traditional rounds of “allergy shots” and sublingual (under-the-tongue) low-dose allergens to build tolerance over time. These allergy shots are designed to stimulate your immune system and decrease your reaction to specific allergens. We will decrease your dosage once we obtain the desired results.

We also offer Sublingual Immunotherapy (drops) as an option for patients with needle phobias as well as those who are on beta blockers.



About 30% of Americans suffer each year from allergies.


Immunotherapy (allergy shots) helps reduce hay fever symptoms in about 85% of people with allergic rhinitis.



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“For years I have experienced chronic ear issues with eczema. Dr. Lenkowski’s diagnosis and treatment was spot on. He answers all of my questions and is quite caring which is important to me. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a great ENT.”

“Dr. Lenkowski was interested in the reason I was there to be checked, he thoroughly examined my ears, nose, throat and neck and asked questions. When I was ready to leave he told me to come back if I had any other problems. I would recommend Dr. Lenkowski to any of my family members or friends.”

“Very personable and knowledgeable Doctor with a very pleasant manner. Would definitely recommend!”

“Very knowledgeable and explained the issues in a very articulate manner. I was impressed with the amount of time he was willing to allow me to discuss other concerns. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting an excellent ENT specialist.”

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