Do you know that one in eight individuals in the United States, aged 12 years or older, suffer from hearing loss in one or both ears? With such a large percentage of Americans struggling with it and an even larger percentage of people worldwide–you’d think the average person would know more about it when in reality, very few people know how to detect signs or know what to do if they suspect they have it. If you or a loved one needs help to manage hearing loss, Roanoke Valley ENT & Allergy can help! 

hearing lossWhat Is Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss is categorized as a diminished ability to hear caused by some type of damage to the inner ear. People who suffer from It have a harder time listening to speech or other sounds. While similar to deafness, which is the total or extremely significant loss of hearing, people who are hard of hearing can have varying degrees of awareness of the auditory stimuli around them. Hearing loss happens for a number of reasons such as

  • Genetics
  • Age
  • Recreational factors, such as fireworks or gunshots
  • Occupational noises without proper hearing protection
  • Repeated loud noises, such as loud music through headphones
  • Illnesses and medication
  • Improperly cleaned ear canals

What Are Some Signs of Hearing Loss?

  • High-pitched noises sounded muffled or unclear
  • Ringing in the ears, otherwise known as tinnitus
  • Inability to follow conversations
  • Ears feeling clogged up

Treatments and Interventions

Treatment is going to be specific to each person as it depends on the root cause of the issue. Some treatment/management options may include:

  • Frequent cleaning of the ears safely
  • Avoiding loud noises and/or using ear protection whenever applicable
  • Consulting with a doctor about the use of a hearing device
  • Joining support groups
  • Learning to communicate in other ways, such as lip-reading if the hearing loss is severe enough
  • Visiting an ENT to help alleviate symptoms

How Can An ENT Help?

ENTs, or otolaryngologists, are doctors specializing in the diagnosis of ear, nose, and throat disorders. ENTs can check to see what the underlying cause of your issue, such as illness or injury. ENTs also work closely with audiologists, who can measure your degree of hearing loss and develop an action plan for how to deal with your situation through prevention of noises, surgery, hearing devices, or a number of other options.

At Roanoke Valley ENT & Allergy, our providers are experienced in the diagnosis and management of hearing loss in patients of all ages. With locations in Richmond and Midlothian, our providers offer services that are convenient to your needs. Schedule your appointment today for a hearing evaluation, and see how we can help! 

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