Dr. Lenkowski Demonstrates “Sinus Balloon” Treatment on Fox News

Chronic sinusitis is a condition that many people deal with on a regular basis. Fox News interviewed Dr. Paul Lenkowski of Roanoke Valley ENT & Allergy about sinusitis, including what it is and how a particular “sinus balloon” procedure can make a world of difference. Watch the video above to see the interview!

What is Sinusitis?

According to Dr. Lenkowski, sinusitis is essentially the swelling of your sinuses. Your sinuses are in your head in few places: two on each side of the nose, near the cheekbones; above your eyes, close to your forehead; and on each side of the bridge of your nose near the eyes. (Dr. Lenkowski explains more about the sinuses in greater detail in his interview.) When your sinuses become swollen, this is the condition of sinusitis, and it can come with a number of symptoms. Some symptoms include headaches, bad breath, drainage, and congestion.

What is the “Sinus Balloon” Procedure?

Dr. Lenkowski demonstrates the sinus balloon on Fox NewsOne treatment method for sinusitis is called balloon sinuplasty. This treatment is done in-office and is very effective in helping alleviate sinusitis. This non-invasive surgical procedure helps the sinus to function better without going in and removing any tissue. Using a wireless camera to see inside the patient’s nose, Dr. Lenkowski inserts a small catheter into the swollen sinus and inflates a small balloon on the end of the catheter. When the balloon inflates, it expands the opening–and it remains open once the balloon is taken out–providing relief from the sinus that was swollen shut. In his interview, Dr. Lenkowski provides a live demonstration on how the procedure works, so check it out if you want a more detailed look at the procedure (don’t worry; he just uses a dummy head for the example, so nothing too gross).

Balloon sinuplasty is an excellent treatment method for sinusitis that does it in a non-invasive way and heals much faster than other surgical options. If you are experiencing discomfort due to sinusitis, consider giving the balloon sinuplasty treatment a go. It’s effective and done in-office, which makes it a convenient choice for relief. Request an appointment with Dr. Lenkowski today!