Children can develop serious sinus problems, just like adults.  This condition is known as pediatric sinusitis.  When this condition starts to develop in children, the symptoms appear to be different.  They usually have a cough, bad breath, swelling around the eyes, a thick yellow-green nasal or post-nasal drip, and low energy.  Now that you know the symptoms, how is pediatric sinusitis diagnosed?  How do you treat this condition in your child and how can Dr. Lenkowski of Roanoke Valley ENT & Allergy help?  Let’s examine these questions further.

How is Pediatric Sinusitis Diagnosed?

In some cases, sinusitis in children may be diagnosed through a few tests.  Some of these tests include sinus X-rays, CT scans of the sinuses, and cultures from the sinuses.  During the first visit, your healthcare provider will ask about your child’s symptoms and health history.  After this, a physical exam will be performed on your child to determine the diagnosis.

How is it Treated?allergies

Treatment options depend on your child’s age, symptoms, and the severity of the sinus condition.  If your child suffers from acute sinusitis, antibiotic therapy may be a good form of treatment.  However, for those suffering from two or more symptoms of sinusitis, also known as chronic sinusitis, antibiotics or inhaled corticosteroid medicine are recommended options for treatment. 

In rare cases, surgery may be considered as a form of treatment when the child’s sinus condition worsens.  Most doctors recommend removing adenoid tissue from behind the nose in younger children.  For older children, an adenoidectomy or other surgical options may be better options.

Could an ENT Help?

The best way to treat your child’s sinusitis is by working with an ENT specialist.  This specialist will examine your child’s ears, nose, and throat to perform a thorough examination and history.  The doctor may also look for factors that could make your child a likely candidate for a sinus infection.

No one likes to see their child unwell, and luckily, pediatric sinusitis can be managed and treated by the expert care available at Roanoke Valley ENT & Allergy. Contact us at 540-655-1888 to schedule an appointment today. Our experienced and caring team is here to help!