Just like any season, fall comes with its own set of allergens just waiting to irritate your body. There are many common allergies people may have that are triggered in the fall months, making both the outside and indoors problematic. Identifying what might set someone off is key to dealing with the issue, however, so here are three common allergens that Dr. Lenkowski wants you to look out for this fall.

1. Ragweedcommon allergens

Ragweed is the most common allergen to appear in the fall. While its peak month is August, spores are still released by most plants well into September and even October. To make matters worse, ragweed pollen can be carried over vast distances by the wind, meaning you might be susceptible even if you don’t live around the plant. Ragweed can cause runny noses, watery eyes, and an itchy throat, often requiring an antihistamine depending on the severity of symptoms.

2. Dust and Dust Mites

For anyone with allergies to dust and dust mites, the fall can be a real issue. As people begin spending more time indoors, they become more susceptible to breathing in these allergens. This becomes especially apparent once it’s time to use the heater for the first time, all the collected dust and debris that built up over the spring and summer being blasted out into the air. Symptoms typically include a runny nose, itchy eyes, and lots of coughing. To cut down on the dust in your home, vacuum and clean regularly and let things that become wet like bathroom rugs dry and air out.

3. Mold

While mold is most often found inside, decaying plants from fallen leaves or wet wood is an excellent place for spores to take hold and multiply. If you have mold allergies, you’ll likely be in danger of a reaction in green spaces. Additionally, mold allergies can be an issue for kids and teachers as they return to school as many school buildings have mold. Symptoms of mold allergies include watery and itchy eyes, a dry cough, sneezing, and dry skin. Wearing a face mask when in areas that may have mold and keeping the area around and inside your home clean and dry are easy ways to deal with this.

Allergies are a common and preventable occurrence many people deal with during the fall months. Be on the lookout for these three common triggers to try to avoid the worst of it this season.

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